Apr 27, 2011


Individual members of staff will, of course, receive letters of appointment, which should tell them their grade and refer them to a staff handbook and/or site on the intranet which gives details of the grading and performance schemes. Whenever they are upgraded or promoted they should receive another letter congratulating them on the event and providing encouragement for the future. Considerable attention should be given to the wording of these letters to ensure that they come over as warm and sincere rather than cold and bureaucratic or, worse, patronizing. They should always be handed over personally by the manager to ensure that the opportunity to get needed messages across is taken.

Face to Face

The best way to communicate personal information is face to face. Employees should be seen regularly by their manager for discussions and coaching on their performance. Personal explanations should be given to them of the reasons for the employee's rate of salary progression or most recent increase. These meetings should focus on recognition and coaching as well as discuss what actions the employee has to take to progress faster or to get more next time.
Potential for promotion, lateral moves and salary progression in the longer term should also be discussed at these meetings. Ideally, employees should be given the opportunity to talk to their immediate supervisor's manager in order to get a broader view. People with strong potential should also meet a career planning adviser who can act as a mentor in discussing future career steps, the further training or experience they need and the glittering prizes that await them if they do really well.


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